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Leaders at LC

LOWELL -- Lowell Catholic freshmen Daniel Russell of Dracut and Bridget Provost of North Andover have taken the initiative to start a new co-curricular club for LC high-school students called "Leaders at LC."

The students will be responsible for bringing community leaders to the Lowell Catholic campus. The leaders will share their experiences, education and career paths in a lecture series that will run throughout the school year. Dr. Vanessa Kerry was recently invited to speak, opening the lecture series in McNamara Hall.

Dr. Kerry completed her internal-medicine residency and critical-care fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital. While running her own practice, she has continued to work in international health. She has collaborated on projects in Haiti and Rwanda through the Harvard Medical School Department of Global Health and Social Medicine.

Dr. Kerry is actively working on public-sector partnerships in Uganda through MGH and MGH Global Health.

During the lecture, she talked about the impact of global health and how a nation's health-care management can correlate to its poverty level. She also spoke about our collective responsibility to contribute as members of our local and global community.

Through her own experiences and medical training, she realized not only a need for trained doctors to volunteer in Third World nations, but also a need for training local medical staff in those communities.

Out of that need, SEED was developed with the unique model of training local health-care workers to build self-sufficiency within communities.

Although her path to medicine took a number of unexpected turns, Dr. Kelly emphasized that finding one's passion and working hard can lead to great success.

The lecture was followed by a brief question-and-answer session during which students were able to ask Dr. Kerry about what or who inspired her, her educational choices and opportunities, and challenges she had faced in attaining her goals.

Lowell Catholic's Mission Strong During Lent

LOWELL -- Lowell Catholic's mission to help students "Excel, Prepare and Live" teaches them to live Jesus' message to love God, their neighbors and themselves.

That mission is amplified during the Lenten season. Students engage in a number of activities, from opening the season with Ash Wednesday services to elementary and high-school students participating in clothing and food drives, learning about hunger and homelessness, and attending retreats that help to build bonds with one another while strengthening their faith.

This year, the high school's March Madness food drive brought in nearly 5,000 items that have been donated to the Merrimack Valley Food Pantry. Elementary students contributed clothing and toiletries that have been donated to Catie's Closet, a charity that helps improve school attendance by providing clothing and toiletries to children in need in 37 schools across Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Last week, as students celebrated Holy Week in preparation for Easter, both the elementary and high school presented the Stations of the Cross. Third-graders performed a musical celebration of Jesus' sacrifice in honor of the holiday. Also, students in grades 7-12 attended a quiet, poignant and reflective service that brought the Stations of the Cross to life, followed by an adoration service.


"We look to inspire and find the spirit of Christ alive in our school, and we are so proud of our third-grade students for sharing that spirit with everyone this Easter," Associate Principal Daniel Price said after the elementary service.

LC's Third Quarter Honor Roll


Above: Michael Zawadzki of Dracut, MA, who completed 200+ hours of service, presents his Community Service Learning Project.


Lowell Catholic’s Class of 2017 are in the midst of presenting their Senior Projects entitled: “My Mark on the World.” Each LC student is responsible for completing a minimum of 100 hours of Community Service Learning in preparation for graduation. During the 4th Quarter of their senior year, students present their experiences in service to a panel of faculty, staff, parents and community members and each presentation is evaluated for content, understanding, delivery and visual aids. Through this program, students find such a passion for helping others and spreading joy that many double, and a few even triple the minimum requirement for hours. 



Head of School Honors

Grade 12: Victoria Battaglia, Darryl Foryoung, Kyle Mehan, Gillian Murphy, Duy Phan, Sveva Riccardi, William Small, Laura Stucchi, Harris Varnum and Justin Violette


Grade 11: Matthew Andrea, Michael Andrea, Mitchell Andrea, Jacqueline Andrews, James Burrill, Kobe Cruz, Anthony Grieco, Jr., Susritha Kopparapu, Mark Little, Celia Murphy and Wei Zhao


Grade 10: Jessica Brewster, Jatin Bussa, Caleb Craig, Helen Early, Joshua Fiorentino, Elizabeth Gilbride, Kimberly Janeczko, Kylee Jedraczko, Chansotha Kong, Margaret McGovern, Wesley Reller and Sahak Uy


Grade 9: Kenny Junwoo Bay, Emilie-Rose Bazzinotti, Lauren Brewster, Natalie Ferreira, Haley Hagman, Jessica Lopes, Patrick McKenna, Shawn O’Connor, Sophia Odle and Johnson Peow


Grade 8: Thayna Decamargo, Alexandra Guignard and Rowan Ruggiero


Grade 7: Brooke Ewing and Ryan Pelkey


Grade 6: Michael Early, Zoey Gaudet, Melanie Kaplan, Valora Keomouangsong, Noelle Kounlabouth, Justin Libertini, Maeve Lyttle, Thyda Tran, Timothy Tran, Christina Tsoukalas and Taylor West


Grade 5: Norah Araujo, Ashley Dehney, Mahi Patel, Abigail Rillovick and Michelle Roy


High Honor Roll

Grade 12: Mikayla Campbell, Jacob Desruisseaux, Emily Doherty, Gabrielle Garneau, Vysakha Ly, Kaitlin Miele, Madison Perry, Briannagh Reeves, Rianna Tamulynas and Laura Zubricki


Grade 11: Hunter Berube, Patrick Canney, Shuaitian Chen, Aaron Dartey, Andrea DiCiaccio, Madaline Grenier, Owen Kelley, Woosang Nam, Timothy Niemaszyk, Andrew O’Connor, Abigail Scott and Jacob Zawadzki


Grade 10: Hyungwoo Byun, Kyle DeRoma, Emily Jussaume, Jessica Newey, Calvin Soucy, Olivia Williams and Jialin Yu


Grade 9: Paige Dame, Ethan Fanning, Liam Fisher, Elizabeth Keefe, Crystal Kounlabouth, Megan Lussier, Sarah Svay, Phillip Tran and Elena Valiente


Grade 8: Leah Durkin, Kiely Hills, Lena Lam, Lucas McFadyen, Elizabeth Momplaisir, Christopher Mucci, Nicholas Tedesco and Caitlin Tully


Grade 7: Ryan Allen, Noelle Gadue, Andrew Grieco and Margaret Hood


Grade 6: Marey Deignan, Emily Mucci, Janet Nganga and Eva Reyes

Grade 5: Cianna Cardaci and Camryn Downing

Honor Roll

Grade 12: Christopher Bakas, Michael Bianco, Meredith Centauro, Andrea Cervizzi, Samantha Coppinger, Emily Cormier, Matthew Cote, Angela Cozzone, Kyle Davis, Silvio DeCurtis, Thomas Desmond, Philip Ferreira, Erin Gallagher,  Rebecca Garneau, Michael Gibelli, Riley Guay, Chad Hult, Molly Hutchins, Xiaoxuan Li,  Hailey Lowell, Amy Ly, Teddy Mbuthi, Juliana McFadyen, Jackson Merrill, Eric Ouellette, Emily Paquin, Catherine Santangelo, David Seamans, Andrew Spanos,  Michael Talbot, Chayathorn Temnitikul, Ariana Vitorino, Junyao Wu, Michael Zawadzki and Wenkai Zhu


Grade 11: Marlaina Autiello, Yookyung Back, James Bartlett, Matthew Belleau, Shannon Bursey, Joseph Callahan, Sarah Ciampa, Lily Coutu, Thomas Desmond, Jacob Dolliver, Parker Fisher, Derek Flynn, Zachary Gitschier, Valerie Gordon, Olivia Grenier, Mikas Kulbis-Marino, Chaeyeon Lim, Ashlee Locke-Hunter, Tyler Longo, Sara Mainville, Ellen McKenna, Emerson Medina, Talia Merrill, Alexandra O’Connor, Mikayla Patterson, Maggie Penta, Matthew Pescatore, Bridgid Porkola, Connor Power, Kevin Searth, Brandon Silva, Jillian Thompson, Mary Tibbetts, Austin Wentzel and Qinglan Xie


Grade 10: Sydney Blades, Megan Cabral, MaryCate Cassidy, Ariana Ciancio, Jaclyn Coppinger, Justin Cote, Alison Dresser, Maeve Fenlon, Allison Gaudreau, Cassidy Gilbride, Colin Gleason, Dereck Hall, Jameson Harrower, Bryan Klobucher, Matthew Larson, Andrew Lefebvre, Allison Newey,  Karen Nguyen, Sopheak Mony Neath Ouk, Ashley Pelletier, Julia Prestipino, Lawrence Ruggiero, Owen Skrekas, Max Stever, Katelyn Tourigny,  Sue Ling Ung, Abigail White, Jordan White, Anastasia Wood and Katherine Zubricki


Grade 9: Emma Araujo, Emily Bartlett, Sydney Bianco, Michael Bolduc, Jillian Cabrera, Matthew Callahan, Domenic Carlson, Estefano Casco, Ariana Catalano, Venussa Chanthavisouk, Junyuan Chen, Yu Wen Chen, Elizabeth Cullen, Sean Cunningham, Allison Curran, Christopher Daigle, Haley D’Arcangelo, Michael DiBacco, Tyler Eld, Joseph Espinola, Olubukunola Ibrahim,  Ana JohnHope, Abigail Keefe, Kenneth Lam, Huiting Lei, Powel Ly, Andrew Martin, Ryan McCann, Noah Mills, David Morey, Ian Nichols, Amish Patel, Nicolas Pereira, Timothy Picard, Daniel Russell, Sophie Torres, James Tweneh, Yuting Wu and Ryan Young


Grade 8: Devon Brooks, Robert Cielakie III, Skyla Dimambro, Shae Downing, John Horvath, Katherine McMahon, Jillian O’Hearn, Nikolas Smith and Darrel Mat Yepdo Kamwa


Grade 7: Olivia Carbone, Alexis Cloutier, Rachel Donaldson, Chandaranee Khoeun, Keith Pelkey, Tyler Pelletier, Ashlyn Sheehy, Maryellen Sweeney, Sean Tully and Mercey Woods


Grade 6: Melissa Alves, Anita Ananda, Keegan Boyden, Brady Cushing, Emily Cushion, Lia Custodinho, Jaclyn Dehney, Brennden Dion, Ronan Donaghey, Samuel Guignard, Brynn Johnson, Henry Lam, Ifeoma Ochijeh, Alec Patel, Kendra Patel and Elizabeth Sandoval


Grade 5: Panaiota Bewtwayise, Brendan Giblin, Jake Hodgdon, Ha Anh Nguyen, Michael Prideaux, Nora Sheehy and Niyana Tran



Fine arts open new doors for Lowell Catholic students

LOWELL -- As Lowell Catholic continues to grow in size and students, so do the programs available on campus.

With a strong focus on a STREAM-based curriculum, Heather Falardeau, LC's Fine Arts Department coordinator, has worked closely with the administration team to develop a robust program for the 2016-2017 school year.

In the fall of 2016, the Band program was added as a grade 5-12 arts elective. Plans to grow the fine-arts program offerings to include Dance classes at the middle-school level and Advanced Placement Art courses at the high-school level are in development for the fall.

The Lowell Catholic community recently focused on celebrating the arts as a whole school community.

On Monday night, student works in drawing, painting, sculpture and design were on display throughout the campus. Tuesday showcased the elementary choir, the high-school A Capella group and band performances by middle-school and high-school students. The third night of Arts Week highlighted two student-written and -directed original performances, "Full Circle" and "Dr. Seuss' The Apocalypse." On the final night, students who excelled in their fine-arts discipline, as well as those who showed great improvement over the course of the year, were presented with awards.

Falardeau said she's proud of all of the hard work the students put into this year's showcase. "I encourage students to make intentional artistic choices that will creatively give viewers a glimpse into who they are as individuals," she said.

The Junior LC Players will take the stage Friday, April 7, and Saturday, April 8, at 6:30 p.m., in their first performance together, performing "Annie Junior," featuring Melanie Kaplan. Tickets will be available at the door.

And later in the month, Lowell Catholic's high-school performers from the LC Players will produce and present "The Wizard of Oz," featuring Sydney Bianco as Dorothy, in three performances in McNamara Hall -- Friday, April 28, at 7 p.m., and Saturday, April 29, at 2 and 7 p.m.


For a complete calendar listing please click the calendar links at the bottom of the page.
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Elementary School Events

Classes Resume
Father Daughter Dance
6:00 pm at Salvatore's Restaurant in Lawrence, MA. Tickets are $25 each. 
4th Quarter Progress Reports Close
8th Grade Parents Meeting
Nangle Hall

High School Events

Classes Resume
Senior Parent Information Night
Time: 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM

McNamara Hall Auditorium 6:30 - 7:30 | MANDATORY meeting for all senior parents

LC Players Production of the Wizard of Oz
Time: 7:00 PM
7:00 McNamara Hall - Tickets available at the door. 
LC Players Production of the Wizard of OZ
Time: 2:00 PM
7:00 McNamara Hall - Tickets available at the door.