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Science Speaker Series at LC

LOWELL -- Lowell Catholic prepares students to achieve academic success by integrating real-world, hands-on experiences into the STREAM-based curriculum.

This year, students have had the opportunity to learn from practicing scientists through the innovative and engaging Scientist Speaker Series. Students who may be interested in a career in the field of science are able to ask questions and discover more about the studies, college path and work experiences from experts.

With five scientists visiting already this year, and more planned for the spring semester, students have been exposed to a wide array of perspectives in the scientific field.

Paul Killian, Ph.D., senior research scientist at Millipore, has degrees in Chemistry and Environmental Science, and has significant experience working in both fields. He spoke to the students about his work as a scientist and the different areas of research he has been involved with, including cleaning up oil spills, monitoring contaminants in soil, and working with numerous filtration techniques.

Continuing the Science Speaker Series, Nilay Mukherjee connected with students via Webex to discuss his career path, including his educational choices and how they informed his professional career in industry. Mukherjee has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering and an MBA.

In a talk entitled "Sharks and Science," Camilla Smith, a waterfront intern and shark biologist at the School for Field Studies in Turks and Caicos, talked to students via Skype about sharks, as well as her career as a scientist. Her talk included an action-packed video demonstrating the process of baiting, tagging and releasing sharks.

Christopher and Eileen Wood are forensic analysts who utilize chemistry in crime scenes that have been through a fire. Throughout their talk to LC's Chemistry students, they encouraged the class to always use what they know on a small scale and apply it to larger questions that may initially seem too big to solve.

"Exposing the students to different career paths in science puts their high-school work into perspective." said Camille Carson, a Science teacher at Lowell Catholic. "The Science Speaker Series has captivated our students, and it has been wonderful to see them apply what they have learned in class to be active participants in open discussions with the professional scientists."

Catholic Schools Week at LC
The annual celebration of Catholic Schools week was twice the fun at Lowell Catholic this year

as the Elementary School and High School enjoyed many activities in honor of their Catholic

School community. This year’s theme of “Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service” was

observed through daily themed activities throughout the campus, acts of service, signs of giving

thanks and appreciation to teachers, students, administrators and community members, an

Elementary Talent Show, an Open House and a school wide Mass celebrated by Abbot

Matthew who visited from St. Anselm’s College. Through these activities, Lowell Catholic

students spent the week focusing on the contributions they can make to their school and the

Greater Lowell Community.

Among the many highlights of the week were the awards given at the Catholic Schools Week

Mass. Each year students learn about the five Xaverian values, compassion, trust, zeal, humility

and simplicity and then nominate a peer who they feel best exemplified each.

This year’s recipient of the compassion award is senior, Chris Bakas, someone who “is always

willing to listen to others, goes out of his way to help people inside and outside of school,” and

“has contagious positive energy” according to classmates.

The trust award went to junior Maggie Penta of Tewksbury, someone who “is kind and strong at

the same time.” She is “herself, while recognizing and building up others.” She “is consistent in

all parts of her life.”

This year’s recipient of the zeal award was presented to senior Ariana Vitorino of Dracut

someone who “always shines with a vibrant love for life” This young lady “is energetic, friendly,

and promotes faith in a clear and understandable way.” She “is always smiling and


The humility award was presented to freshman Sophia Odle of Lowell, someone who is

“always redirects attention to the person they are with.” She “recognizes when people are

feeling alone, and spends her time comforting them.” She “never lets things go to her head,”

even when she continually achieves academic success in the classroom.

This year’s recipient of the simplicity award, senior Laura Zubricki of Methuen is someone who

“always wants a personal interaction.” She “involves herself in people rather than technology,”

and “prefers to live in the moment.” What matters to her is, “what’s on the inside,” and “always

has a smile on her face.”

If you would like to learn more about Lowell Catholic Elementary School, please join us for an

Open House on February 27th from 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. at McNamara Hall. Details for the

event can be found online at www.lowellcatholic.org/OHED17. Please contact Ms. Kristina Hills,

Director of Admissions at admission@lowellcatholic.org with any questions.
Service with a Smile

LOWELL -- A Lowell Catholic High School diploma means more than just completing the assigned course work. For the class of 2017, it means making a difference and understanding how one person can cultivate change in the community and beyond.

LC's seniors commit one week each January to the service of others. In place of their regularly scheduled school courses, they report to their volunteer job site in an effort to reach their graduation requirement of completing 100 hours of community service in their four years of high school.

This year, students volunteered at various locations throughout Greater Lowell, including homeless shelters, schools, animal-rescue operations, nursing homes and food pantries.

As a Xaverian Brothers Sponsored School, LC encourages students to discover what makes them unique and gifted through their acts of service to others. It is through their service assignments that LC students frequently report finding their passion for a future vocation.

At the midway point of their week of service, students gathered at Lowell Catholic to reflect upon their experiences, share what they had learned, and offer each other guidance as they completed their service projects and journals.

"It is a wonderful opportunity to put the students in touch with the mission of the school and beliefs of the Xaverian charism," said Craig Cooley, Theology instructor. "It means so much to have them experience service to others firsthand and have them utilize the skills they have learned at LC. Students build a connection to the sites they serve and develop a sense of responsibility to care for others."

Lowell Catholic Offers Strong Elementary Curriculum

LOWELL -- To mirror the superior academics and co-curricular programs of Lowell Catholic High School, LC's new elementary school has developed a rigorous STREAM-based curriculum designed for successful 21st-century learners.

The elementary school serves grades pre-kindergarten through 8 and has students from more than 25 surrounding towns across the Merrimack Valley and Southern New Hampshire.

Extending beyond the STEM based learning model that covers Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, Lowell Catholic students are also exposed to religion, history, social studies, English language arts and world languages. Committed to educating the whole child, Lowell Catholic offers a wide array of fine arts, athletics and co-curricular programs.

LC's educational focus is directed toward spiritual growth, academic excellence, character development and leadership skills. Faculty and staff are committed to instilling independent thinking and effective communication. A dedicated learning specialist is on hand to ensure that students with different learning needs have the necessary support to be successful.

As a Pre-K through 12th grade school, Lowell Catholic is able to offer the Excel Bridge Program, which allows middle-school students an opportunity to push themselves in their academic endeavors. Just as LC's high-school AP program creates an opportunity for students to complete college credits before the graduate, the Excel Bridge Program enables students to matriculate into high-school level courses.

"It has been an exciting year at Lowell Catholic," Head of School Maryellen DeMarco said. "The elementary school offers the highest-quality curriculum, enhanced through the implementation of programs with proven records of success, such as Handwriting Without Tears and the Wilson Reading Program. Our ongoing investment in staff professional development ensures that the classroom environment is engaging and challenging for students."

"It is just heartwarming to see the ways in which the high-school and elementary students interact with each other, developing bonds of friendship throughout the campus," she added.

Lowell Catholic has open houses scheduled for Sunday, Jan. 29, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 7, from 6 to 7:30 p.m., and Thursday, March 2, from 9 to 10:30 a.m. Visit www.lowellcatholic.org/admissions or email admissions@lowellcatholic.org.


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Elementary School Events

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Monday, February 20th - Friday, February 24th


Classes Resume
FORMAL DAY - Ash Wednesday Mass
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Parent Teacher Conferences
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NO SCHOOL - February Vacation Week

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RI Service Trip to WARM Center
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